Ser Carter Storm

Veteran of the wars and former squrie and boon companion of Sir Barriston Selmy. Current knight in the service of house Mertyn a banner house of house Baratheon.


Annoited Knight
Status 3
Middle Aged
Position 1 of 16
Motivation: Duty
Virtue: Pius
Goal: Power for House Martyn
Destiny Points: 3
Benefit Max: 3
Flaw: Bastard Born
Benefit: Annoited
Wealth: 17

Derived stats:
Intrigue def 11
Composure 12
Combat def 8
Health 12

Background Effects 3
Significant Deed: Campagining with Barriston the Bold Twice 20 yr campaign
Kept Company with famous person Barriston Selmy. Was granted a squire at the end of the wars.

Agility 3
Animal Handling 3
Athletics 3
Awareness 4
Cunning 4
Deception 3
Endurance 4
Fighting 4 (spec swords 3)
Healing 2
Knowledge 3 (spec streetwise 1, warfare 1)
Language 3
Marksmanship 2
Persuade 3
Status 3(spec reputation 3)
Stealth 2
Survival 3
Thievery 2
Will 4 (dedication spec 1)

10 xp


Ser Carter is a tall beast of a man with a completely bald head and a harsh countenance. Like his mentor, Sir Carter is surprisingly strong and spry for a middle aged man. His skin bares a near permanent burn from constant exposure and his face is all angles (think Charlton Heston in the 1960’s).

Ser Carter is the bastard born son of Barnibus Mertyn brother of Lord Henry Mertyn. Lord Barnibus was unlike his cautious brother in almost every way. He was fair haired and adventuresome. As the second son he was free to pursue his dreams and see the world far from the gloomy world of Misthaven Castle. He was a dedicated soldier and womanizer who won fame and fortune throughout Westeros and beyond. However, due to his brothers conservative commands he often fought in tournaments and even campaigns anonymously. Ser Carter is the only boy among his many bastard children. The mother was a lady in waiting for the wife of Alred Mertyn Edwyn’s grandfather. A fact that has always led Carter to be close to the smallfolk of the castle.

Carter grew up as an acknowledged member of the castle household and had a happy childhood despite the gloomy surroundings. A bright boy and accomplished swordsmen he wanted nothing more than to become a knight like his father. A dream he accomplished by squiring under the famed Ser Barriston Selmy during the war of the Ninepenny Kings. He earned his knighthood amongst that horrific carnage and was able to see much of the world. These experiences taught him the value of family, hearth and home.

However, Carter had a few issues preventing the simple pleasures of returning home to a quiet life. For 15 years he had been away at war in the exotic east. While abroad he fell in love with a man from the Golden Company named Ishmael. During the half decade long siege of Tyrosh Carter carried on a torrid and forbidden homosexual affair. Eventually Ishmael was released as a prisoner of war but instead of coming to Westeros with Carter he returned to his own sham hetero family. Heartbroken Carter vowed never to again love a man and instead rededicate himself to duty and his liege house.

He returned to Misthaven Castle to find his father dead and his lord remarried for the third time. Carter considered leaving but instead chose to stay in order to attempt to shield young lord edwin from the corrupt influence of his father.e

In the years since Ser Carter has risen to become Castellen of Misthaven and helped to raise the talented but rebellious Edwin. He was also been convinced by Ser Barriston to take on that hero’s Targaryn bastard boy Bunyan as a squire. Ser Carter currently resides in Misthaven Village when not in the castle with the widow Constance and her daughters whom he also cares for.

Ser Carter Storm

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