House Kellington

Konrad Kellington – Lord – Lord Kellington in his prime was a fearsome warrior, and there was not a fight he did not think he could win or wanted to avoid. In his earlier days he participated in what was known as the Rainwood Wars, which had him opposing House Mertyn. The wars where really a small number of skirmishes through out Cape Wrath over resources and boundaries with all the houses on the peninsula fighting for territory. The wars ended when Steffon Baratheon set the boundaries with what became known as the Way Markers. Since that time the houses have remained at peace with each other on the cape. Lord Kellington and Henry Mertyn have enjoyed peace on their boarders which are actually divided by dense woods, long coasts, large and small hills divided by rivers with no roads. Now an old man, Lord Kellington is often prone to illness and has taken a step back from expansion and politics. His wife died three years ago and he has chosen not to remarry and just tutor his sons to take his place.

Naton Kellington – Heir – Ser Naton Kellington was Knighted a few years ago upon his 16th birthday and purely on his martial skill. Observers would often compare his technique to that of a raging bull over a man with intelligence and his choice of weapon a large maul enforces this belief. In appearance Ser Naton is far from attractive, looking more akin to a brute then a nobleman. Even when bathed he manages an unshaven appearance and fine clothes do nothing to soften his brutish features. His forehead slopes slightly with a high ridged eye line all topping a thick frame body with large hands . Ser Naton prefers drinking, eating, fighting and whoring over anything to do with politics or responsibility.

Orten Kellington – son – Orten Kellington wishes he was heir to the houses and so does his father. Orten is no doubt Lord Kellingtons favorite son and has taken well to education and knowledge unlike his brother. Thought the Kellington family has been known as a martial house as all but Orten are brutish in shape bringing question to his parentage, his father still favors him even calling him his “hand”. Orten is tall, thin and tanned skin with a crooked smile and preference of fine clothes over armor and blades. Even though Ser Naton will be next in line of the house, his father often reminds Orten that someone will have to run the house in all other affairs other then name and war alone.

Marita Kellington – Daughter, betrothed to Langley Wylde. Marita has the come hither look that has had kept her father busy fighting off suitors and trying to keep her locked away from the sight of men with out scruples. Marita knows shes not only beautiful but sensual, and plays it to her advantage till recently. Martia has become known as the Black Widow of the Rainwood. Not only has her first good match met an untimely fate so has her second. Shortly after her first Marriage to a local heir her husband met a nasty Shadow Cat while hunting in the Mountains. Her second husband another local heir from the Felwood was swept out to sea during a storm. Now she is engaged to Langley Wylde the heir to Rainhouse in the north of the cape. Some fear for the young Heir of Rainhouse others insist the woman is not cursed and a bit of prayer to the Seven will solve everything.

Ser Arthur Wellington

House Kellington

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