Tag: Misthaven


  • William Sunderland

    William is a friendly, good-natured seeming man. He has bought out a 2-story timber building in Misthaven that he uses as a base of operations. His focus is on shipping produce and ore out of the village in order to turn a profit and benefit village and …

  • Edwin Manester

    Former member of the red-plumes of the Targaryen's in the nine-penny war. Currently the captain of the guard of Misthaven Port. Empowered as the representative of Lord Mertyn within the bounds of Misthaven Port.

  • Robert Garrys

    Large dumpy looking fellow. Looks like an angry union boss. Discovered to be a former pirate and scheming criminal. Currently a wanted man in Misthaven. Also known as Robert the Red. The elected mayor of Misthaven Town and one of the 12 ruling …