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Session 5 Pirate in the Henhouse

In council with Lord Merten, party learns that Lord Stanis Baratheon is coming to Misthaven Castle.

We meet the new ward of the happy Merten family teenage Lady Jenelle Arryn.

Preparations are made for a grand feast and arrival.

Maester Lonardo and Ser Carter Storm explore the forbidden dungeon of the castle and learn stuff.

Sir Daven Tyr attempts to clear the countryside of forest pirates encounters Lord Stanis

Lordling Edwin and William concoct a scheme to distract Stanis involving pirate raiding and riding off into the woods.

Ethan Allenblade if freed and dressed up as serveant. Jailer is killed.

Stanis goes to dinner at castle instead and commands Lord Mertyn to make us investigate disputes between several Storm lands houses and investigate a murder plot in another. In order to make up for lost banner houses Trant and Kellington.

Lord Mertyn delivers a slightly different message. Luckily, several of us had overheard the true conversation.

Stanis departs for pirate rendezvous party splits. Edwyn and Ser Carter go by ship with William and The rest go by land to meet up later.

William reveals his true colors are pirate lord william the Wraith and captures Stanis as well as Carter and Edwyn.

Negotiations between pirates and edwyn grow tense but no one is killed yet…

Meanwhile the rest of the group has stopped with house stedmann and learned more of the true story of House Mertyn.

Party convinces Stannis to assist with punishing pirates as well.

Session 4 The Big Reveal

Edson Mertyn defeats Arthur Trent in the opening duel of the Kings Tournament despite an unexpected joust. The trent heir erupts into terrible seizures afterwards and stays that way for many hours tormenting the camp

The group welcomes Edson’s mother Lady Mary and his uncle Aaron Kale to camp. Many things are purchased including armor for the lordling and many dresses and scarves.

Aaron Kale murders a paige boy of House Trent and seemingly infiltrates them.

Party does very well in Grand Melee. Norton kills another dude who was going to elope with wayward Trent girl with poison accidentally.

Party thinks we have done very well celebrates at post tourney ball. All non smallfolk attend.

Wayward Trent girl appears in mourning gear and accuses house mertyn of murder and conspiracy again!

Orton Kellington reveals himself as master villain and finishes frame job by providing details about dagger and framing bro. We defend ourselves with evidence provided by maester lonardo and character witnesses. Mad King decides on honor duel. Norton tricked on final time into representing his house Ser Davyn Tyr reps us.
Norton is slain.

House mertyn found innocent by the king. However, he does allow Orton to marry widow thus becoming heir to both kellington and house Trent.
Maester discovers real murderer in kellington camp plus witness.

Party decides to flee on a pirate vessel rather than explain shit to Robert baratheon. Orrin tries to offer peace and a marriage to his sister to mertyn. Carter storm knocks him from
His feet.

Session Three
Of Intrigues, Dragons, and Jesters

Drinking with Robert.

Received a strange dagger by messenger.

Multiple attempts to waylay various party members.

Attempted to hunt down the fox knight with Ser Joras.

Encountered Ser Barristan.

The fox knight killed Ser Joras and we captured the fox knight.

Gold cloaks took prisoner from us and delayed house Mertyn (likely bribed to do so).

Robert Baratheon and Lyanna Stark engaged.

Edson draws Aerys’ attention and plays the dragon, slaughtering 3 jesters.

House Mertyn presents its case to Tywin Lannister, Hand of the King.

Case will be settled with trial by combat between Edson and Adam.

Session Two
Forbiddings and travels

Maester Lonardo arrives.

Lord Henry Mertyn attempts to forbid Edson’s attendance of the tournament in King’s Landing.

Various advisors convince him to allow it under the guise of seeking a bride and making up his defeat of House Trant by failing in King’s Landing.

Edson refuses to hear much of any talk about the tournament.

En route to King’s Landing encountered hostile locals at a crossroad’s inn. Learned of people masquerading in our colors slaughtering small folk in the land.

Ambushed on the road the next day by Ser Reddick and brigands. Slaughtered them, captured a horse and armor.

Arrived in King’s Landing. Investigated lumber milling. Sought information about Lord Reddick and an associated knight with a fox emblem from the Storm’s End Maester. Discovered Robert’s procession had left two days before us.

Attempting to catch Robert’s procession on the King’s Road.

Caught up to end of procession. Discovered lord of house Wylde is marrying daughter of House Trant.

Recruited House Kellington to Grand Melee team.

Discovered Kingsguard sleeping with King’s mistress (Jon Stevens character discovered).

Laws of the Land

Piracy – Punished by drowning (Edwin Manester prompted)
Arson – Burned at the stake (Prompted by Harold mentioning an arson of a new ship in dry dock)
Petty Thievery – 10 stags or less – lashes
Theft – 10 stags to 2 gold dragons – Removal of hand
Grand Larceny – 2 gold dragons or more – Death
Repeat offenses – Any third repeat of an offense is subject to death
Rapists – Castration
Evasion of taxes – Seizure of property, indentured servitude at castle Misthaven
Assault – dealt with by petition
Fomenting rebellion – Muting and removal of fingers.
Fraud against the legal system – REsult in seizure of property of all individuals related to the fraud.
Posing as a guard – Results in branding of the cheek
Posing as a noble – Results in death

Sentences may be commuted for public service in hard labor to be determined by Lord Henry Mertyn or his representative. This may not contradict the King’s law. Within the boundaries of Misthaven this may include Captain Manester of the Misthaven guard.

Session One

Invite to tourney in King’s Landing received.

Robert Garrys is found to be a pirate.

Daniella Tayle’s inn was used for interrogating a prisoner about the conspiracy of Robert against the village master of coin.

We need to prepare a plan for winter, food, supplies etc.

Building of walls should be for the future plan of the town not current size.

Need someone to establish town planning for the town to be easier to travel through.

Pirates (Blackthroat) claim they did not burn the first ship.

Road to the castle needs to be a fairly high priority.

Create a fire brigade for the town.

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