The Owls of Misthaven Castle


Upon entrance of the grand castle is a long gray stone hall. Thin tall glassless arched windows line the walls with evenly spaced plain pillars that stretch towards the domed ceiling but do not touch. Upon each of these reaching pillars rests a perch where on a great horned owl rests. Other lesser breeds often share perches long side these great horns but their gaze is meaningless and less daunting then that of the houses chosen crest. The numerous owls that live in the great hall are more akin to the feral cats of Kings Landing having the same lifestyle and privileges. Some thought that perhaps the owls fist purpose was for mousing and keeping other vermin out of the homestead but now the birds seam to the castles true lords, entering and leaving at will and with no room out of their mysterious reach.

It is said that the owls watch all guilty men who enter the keep, or those who have hidden agenda’s keeping to the houses words, “always watching”.


The Owls of Misthaven Castle

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