Great hall centerpiece


The largest tapestry commissioned for Mertyn Castle has a large owl woven into the middle. The background is the night sky with trees over a field. On a branches to the left of the owl is a raven watching. The owl has its wing spread and talon extended. At the bottom, in the foreground, is a group of mice – 7 large, and several more small mice. The owl seems to swoop down on the mice.

In the proper light, and at the proper angle, the weave of the tapestry makes the mice take on aspects of different animals. One mice seems to have tentacles for legs, one has a full mane, one has a canine snout, and one has 3 reptilian heads, etc. Surely, it’s only a trick of the light.

The tapestry is large, and hangs opposite the Lord’s throne, so that when a petitioner or guest bows before him, the owl on the tapestry seems to dive toward them.



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