William Sunderland

First Merchant of Misthaven.


William Sunderland “Coinman”
Status 2
Motivation- Hatred
Virtue- Magnanimous
Goal- Love
Destiny Points- 3
Flaw- Fear, Sickly
Benefits- Favored of the smallfolk,Knowledge Focus-Economics,Charismatic,Connections
Wealth- 12

Background- Had a torrid love affair (secret), and performed a significant deed→ Persuaded pirates attempting to waylay a merchant convoy he was a part of to instead join them and help run a blockade of a port town using connections on both sides to secure stable trade during and after a small skirmish. He is well known to traders, merchants, sailors and pirates for this feat.

Agility 2
Animal Handling 2
Athletics 2
Awareness 4 →Empathy 1 →Notice 1
Cunning 4 →Logic 1
Deception 4 →Bluff
Endurance 2
Fighting 2
Healing 2
Knowledge 4 →Education 1 →Streetwise 1
Language 2
Marksmanship 2
Persuade 4 →Bargain 1 Convince 1
Status 2
Stealth 2
Survival 2
Thievery 2
Will 3


William is a friendly, good-natured seeming man. He has bought out a 2-story timber building in Misthaven that he uses as a base of operations. His focus is on shipping produce and ore out of the village in order to turn a profit and benefit village and the smallfolk in it. He takes a cut but typically reinvests in the village, granting loans to farmers and tradesmen and allowing them to grow their business. For this the townsfolk hold him in good regard and often come to him for advice. He has become an important facet of the town, even being invited to hold seats of honor at town festivals, weddings, and funerals.
William holds meetings with prominent smallfolk and is attempting to slowly siphon away the power Misthaven Castle holds over its town by negotiating overland and sea trade and gaining more and more control over the lords

Note One.

- William Sunderland had arrived in Misthaven just over five years ago, settling into the village and growing into prominence with the town folk. Lord Mertyn trusts the council of this skilled banker and merchant.

- William Sunderland is also a skilled sailor, he is said to own a small ship, quick and large hull to carry goods.

William Sunderland

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