Ser Aurthur Steadmon

Bannerman of the House.


A broad middle aged Knight of fair combat skill and above average loyalty and bravery. Ser Aurthur Steadmon stands nearly half a foot taller then most, even with the burden of a slight slouch in his shoulders which has only become more noticeable in his later years. While he has been removed from combat for some time he tries to keep his body in fighting shape lacking extended gut or weak arms. The mans head has however balled slightly yet a thick pepper beard still trims a heavy jawed face, with deep wells for eyes created by a large thick extended brow.

His house coat is a deep blue field with a single thin chevron in gold breaking the upper crest.


  1. Middle Aged

Ser Aurthur Steadmon

Ser Aurthur’s beginnings was modest, having come from the small folk squiring for a local knight. Over later years he would come into service of House Mertyn and be knighted by Lord Henery Mertyn, his last act before retiring to lordship and ending his decades of battle and meager ambition. Ser Aurthur would continue in the service of his sworn house, battling bandits and local piracy as best to his abilities.

After returning from ‘the great campaign’ Ser Aurthur was called to the Hall of his lord and was greeted with terrible news. The Lady of the House, Elana Mertyn ( a woman from the North) was caught in worship of the ‘Old Gods’ praying and giving sacrifice to them on the local stoney shores. While not a crime punishable by any action other then gossip the local Septon gave it cause as to why she was unable to bare sons to her husband. Ser Aurthur felt pity for the woman and was charged with bringing her to a distant shrine to ‘cleanse her soul and womb’ by the nine. While in such journey he and his group where waylaid by brigands and was grieved by a terrible scar he still bares today on his cheek. While he was out numbered, he managed to crush the offenders, save his lady charge and complete the journey to the shrine and return.

However upon his return, he was surprised to learn that his lord was set to rewed in the next few days to a far younger bride. The local Septon had annulled the Marriage of Lady Elana to Lord Henry declaring that even with a cleansed soul she had married under deception when she took the oaths and vows before new gods she did not believe in. While some contend that Lady Elana never worshipped the old gods and that this was just an excuse to call for annulment has never been taken seriously. Elana was now with out husband, lands, tittle and being shunned for unable to bare children her future became bleak till Ser Aurthur spoke. He simply blurted out “I will marry her”, tp a small court which gasped. Lord Henry Mertyn acted quickly seizing an opportunity to be done with a problem, offering a stretch of rocky land to Ser Aurthur in return for his eternal fealty. The small court applauded and Lady Elana was married to Ser Aurthur the next day.

Since that day Ser Aurthur and Elana Steadmon have lived rather peaceful and happy lives. While unable to bare sons, Elana has given him two daughters who are now nearing age of womanhood. His stretch of land has yielded a small mine and his brother Allan Steadmon lives at his keep smithing fine made weapons. With their past nearly twenty behind them, almost all have forgotten that Elana was even married before, tried as false worshiper or nearly banished. All know her only as the kindly lady of the mountains, friend to all travelers.

Ser Aurthur Steadmon

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