Elana Steadmon

Wife to Ser Steadmon, a fair and kind woman.


Elana Steadmon enters rooms and halls with all the grace of a woman from noble status yet the polite air about her often puts her guests at ease and one of those few individuals one crosses in life who can harbor no malice. Her new position in life fits her, while she dresses clean it is not gaudy or extravagant but rather practical for a woman who sees to her household and the needs of her people. A kind smile meets friends and strangers alike giving her modest beauty a power of its own. Small beads make up her auburn hair, gifts from the local children that she visits often in the hamlet near the mines her husband owns. A faint scar scratches her pale skin just above her brow from a fall she took early in life.

While a joy to her husband and those around her, when alone Elana Steadmon has a dark burden left upon her from a series of terrible events in life which she kindly hides and only shows in private to her own reflection on a battered silver mirror.


Elana hailed from the Riverlands, the third daughter of a minor lord who cared deeply for her, but her birth would bring him no great alliances so he sought for a well match for his daughter. A man that would care for her, she give him children and live comfortable, and as fortune would have it, he found Lord Aurthur Myrtel. With in a month the two where married and Elana was taken from her home forever, a year later her father would die to illness and her family lands passed through her older sister by marriage to another.

Sadly life fared only well for Elana for a short time, over the few years she failed to give her husband any children and one day he set plots in motion to dispose of her through legal means. With bribe, Lord Myrtel bought annulment from the local Septon who declared that Elana’s belief in the old gods corrupted her womb and would be like her mother, unable to provide sons. Regardless if the allegations where true or not she was sent away to redeem, and survived thanks to Ser

Elana Steadmon

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