Edson Mertyn

Eldest son and heir of House Mertyn


Edson Mertyn is the eldest son and heir of house Mertyn. He is known to be a dedicated student of the martial retainers of the house and is rumored to be quite ambitious.

At the age of 13 he took a small force of lightly armed men out under the guise of a hunt. Unbeknownst to any of the members of said hunting party Edson had heard rumor of a group of bandits working on the fringe of the Mertyn lands and manipulated the hunt directly into where he suspected the bandits were operating from. What followed was a quick dirty battle where Edson acquitted himself admirably and no friendly casualties were suffered.

Most recently Edson disappeared for near a fortnight. Taking his mount, arms, and armor, as well as a contingent of his most trusted associates he travelled to nearby TOURNEYTOWN where he fought in the grand melee of a local tournament. At this tournament he defeated the heir to House Trant. This has caused quite some ire from his father as it has inflamed relations with House Trant.

Edson Mertyn

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