Squire to Sir Carter Storm


(Temporary Fluff. More to come when hammered out with Lexx and JP)

Bunyon is a Targaryen bastard, birthed by a whore in Kings Landing. Living in the streets for most of his young life until Sir Baristan Selmy (discovering his parentage) took him to squire for his old protege, Sir Carter Storm. Perhaps Sir Baristan sees something in the boy he cannot see in himself, or perhaps it’s to protect him. Sir Baristans’ motivations are unclear.

Bunyon seeks fame for himself and despises those who have it already. He also has a particular love for wealth and the finer things in life since he never had more than rags and rats in his earlier years. Bunyon aspires to not just be a famous hero, but the best of the best. And he’ll do almost anything to get what he wants.


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