Dice Dojo Game of Thrones

Session Two

Forbiddings and travels

Maester Lonardo arrives.

Lord Henry Mertyn attempts to forbid Edson’s attendance of the tournament in King’s Landing.

Various advisors convince him to allow it under the guise of seeking a bride and making up his defeat of House Trant by failing in King’s Landing.

Edson refuses to hear much of any talk about the tournament.

En route to King’s Landing encountered hostile locals at a crossroad’s inn. Learned of people masquerading in our colors slaughtering small folk in the land.

Ambushed on the road the next day by Ser Reddick and brigands. Slaughtered them, captured a horse and armor.

Arrived in King’s Landing. Investigated lumber milling. Sought information about Lord Reddick and an associated knight with a fox emblem from the Storm’s End Maester. Discovered Robert’s procession had left two days before us.

Attempting to catch Robert’s procession on the King’s Road.

Caught up to end of procession. Discovered lord of house Wylde is marrying daughter of House Trant.

Recruited House Kellington to Grand Melee team.

Discovered Kingsguard sleeping with King’s mistress (Jon Stevens character discovered).


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