Dice Dojo Game of Thrones

Session Three

Of Intrigues, Dragons, and Jesters

Drinking with Robert.

Received a strange dagger by messenger.

Multiple attempts to waylay various party members.

Attempted to hunt down the fox knight with Ser Joras.

Encountered Ser Barristan.

The fox knight killed Ser Joras and we captured the fox knight.

Gold cloaks took prisoner from us and delayed house Mertyn (likely bribed to do so).

Robert Baratheon and Lyanna Stark engaged.

Edson draws Aerys’ attention and plays the dragon, slaughtering 3 jesters.

House Mertyn presents its case to Tywin Lannister, Hand of the King.

Case will be settled with trial by combat between Edson and Adam.


jpnery PeterCharnley

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