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Session 5 Pirate in the Henhouse

In council with Lord Merten, party learns that Lord Stanis Baratheon is coming to Misthaven Castle.

We meet the new ward of the happy Merten family teenage Lady Jenelle Arryn.

Preparations are made for a grand feast and arrival.

Maester Lonardo and Ser Carter Storm explore the forbidden dungeon of the castle and learn stuff.

Sir Daven Tyr attempts to clear the countryside of forest pirates encounters Lord Stanis

Lordling Edwin and William concoct a scheme to distract Stanis involving pirate raiding and riding off into the woods.

Ethan Allenblade if freed and dressed up as serveant. Jailer is killed.

Stanis goes to dinner at castle instead and commands Lord Mertyn to make us investigate disputes between several Storm lands houses and investigate a murder plot in another. In order to make up for lost banner houses Trant and Kellington.

Lord Mertyn delivers a slightly different message. Luckily, several of us had overheard the true conversation.

Stanis departs for pirate rendezvous party splits. Edwyn and Ser Carter go by ship with William and The rest go by land to meet up later.

William reveals his true colors are pirate lord william the Wraith and captures Stanis as well as Carter and Edwyn.

Negotiations between pirates and edwyn grow tense but no one is killed yet…

Meanwhile the rest of the group has stopped with house stedmann and learned more of the true story of House Mertyn.

Party convinces Stannis to assist with punishing pirates as well.


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