Dice Dojo Game of Thrones

Session 4 The Big Reveal

Edson Mertyn defeats Arthur Trent in the opening duel of the Kings Tournament despite an unexpected joust. The trent heir erupts into terrible seizures afterwards and stays that way for many hours tormenting the camp

The group welcomes Edson’s mother Lady Mary and his uncle Aaron Kale to camp. Many things are purchased including armor for the lordling and many dresses and scarves.

Aaron Kale murders a paige boy of House Trent and seemingly infiltrates them.

Party does very well in Grand Melee. Norton kills another dude who was going to elope with wayward Trent girl with poison accidentally.

Party thinks we have done very well celebrates at post tourney ball. All non smallfolk attend.

Wayward Trent girl appears in mourning gear and accuses house mertyn of murder and conspiracy again!

Orton Kellington reveals himself as master villain and finishes frame job by providing details about dagger and framing bro. We defend ourselves with evidence provided by maester lonardo and character witnesses. Mad King decides on honor duel. Norton tricked on final time into representing his house Ser Davyn Tyr reps us.
Norton is slain.

House mertyn found innocent by the king. However, he does allow Orton to marry widow thus becoming heir to both kellington and house Trent.
Maester discovers real murderer in kellington camp plus witness.

Party decides to flee on a pirate vessel rather than explain shit to Robert baratheon. Orrin tries to offer peace and a marriage to his sister to mertyn. Carter storm knocks him from
His feet.


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