Dice Dojo Game of Thrones

Laws of the Land

Piracy – Punished by drowning (Edwin Manester prompted)
Arson – Burned at the stake (Prompted by Harold mentioning an arson of a new ship in dry dock)
Petty Thievery – 10 stags or less – lashes
Theft – 10 stags to 2 gold dragons – Removal of hand
Grand Larceny – 2 gold dragons or more – Death
Repeat offenses – Any third repeat of an offense is subject to death
Rapists – Castration
Evasion of taxes – Seizure of property, indentured servitude at castle Misthaven
Assault – dealt with by petition
Fomenting rebellion – Muting and removal of fingers.
Fraud against the legal system – REsult in seizure of property of all individuals related to the fraud.
Posing as a guard – Results in branding of the cheek
Posing as a noble – Results in death

Sentences may be commuted for public service in hard labor to be determined by Lord Henry Mertyn or his representative. This may not contradict the King’s law. Within the boundaries of Misthaven this may include Captain Manester of the Misthaven guard.


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